Welfare Society

Global Crisis

  • Humanity feels the need for a new paradigm to lead them, since the current paradigm does not work anymore.

Age of Metals (from -7.000 to 400)

Age of Metals (from -7.000 to 400)


Age of Industrialization (from 1.850 to 1.980)

Age of Industrialization (from 1.850 to 1.980)

Mechanical industrial production, massive and low cost is achieved.

Establishment of indirect Democracy, exercised by representatives, with the participation of citizens in voting only. It works like a plutocracy.

Institutionalization of obligatory and massive education system.

Born Banking System.

Higher value of science over religious beliefs and mystical.


Age of Mercantilism (From 500 to 1.800)

Age of Mercantilism (From 500 to 1.800)

Limited production of goods and services by humans and beasts (horse, ox, etc) work .

A vast majority of human beings living in poverty, dressed in rags and with uncertainty about whether they can eat daily.

A few human (kings, court and bourgeois) living with water services, clean clothes, medicine and access to quality education.

Life expectancy of 40 years.

The government is hereditary, allegedly by kings instituted by gods.

Mysticism, fables and religions dominate the mind of man.

Mercantilism, with barter and gold exchange, expand commercial borders.


Age of Knowledge (from 1.990 to the present)

Age of Knowledge (from 1.990 to the present)

Industrial production, low cost and personalized.

Direct democracy without representatives, using the tools of collaborative work through internet. Continued participation of citizens in decision-making.

Educational System, focused on developing a sensitive and intelligent human being, mixing development potential of each individual with the social and ecological benefits.

Global Financial System, aimed at balancing economic gains, with social and ecological gains.

Spirituality as a collective experience unified social sensitivity.

A paradigm is a framework of limited ideas, through which we perceive, interpret and respond to a certain reality.

The World Crisis is accentuated in our days.

Due to lack of a coherent model in our current society.

We live in the age of knowledge, but drag the paradigms of the Industrial Age: Economic System, Education System, Political System, Judicial System, Banking System and Health System.

Statistical information shows the need for change

The big increase in productivity since the Industrial Age to the present day (The Age of Knowledge) forces us to a renewal of paradigms towards a new way of organizing our society.

When a crisis arises, it means that reality changed

And that requires a respective paradigm shift that respond effectively to this new reality.

To change a paradigm, Pioneers are needed.

Who want to look beyond the usual way of think and solve problems; pioneers who developed and get in action new and successful ideas.

``In March, it is time to discover the opportunities that are beyond the horizon``

40,000 people die of hunger every day even though we generate 60% more than the food we need

The age changed, but as individuals have not changed, still living with the miserable selfish mentality.

“Now that the problem has been diagnosed, we can seek the cure and repair the connection between us.

Kabbalah is a science that studies the laws of nature, giving us the tools to heal this connection”

We propose an

Innovative Model
Where every person learns to Live in Love and Peace with all the Humanity and in harmony with Nature
Encouraging Self-Knowledge for the Welfare of all Society

Addressing PROBLEMS

using the


Encouraging RECOGNITION of the


as part



Before you start to change the world, we need to have an inspiring vision, prepared with scientific basis. We offer this vision in our book.

Download the book HERE

Download the book HERE

You want to join us?

You can be an active part of the solution

We need people, who wish to support this paradigm shift, first reading our book and our articles so that we are all speaking the same language. And from there, is your contribution, which is the mission for which you exist. Your purpose in life. It is part of our team of heroes.

You want to be ACTIVIST in Venezuela?

You want to be ACTIVIST in Venezuela?

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Robinson Ochoa

Robinson Ochoa

Electronics Engineer, Economist, Director of Programming, Laitman Kabbalist, Author of the laws for Economy and New Evolutionary Theory TESI.


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Mary Renaud

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Gregoire Renaud

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